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Semester begin

Great! New semester is going to commence very soon. I have jsut faxed the enrollment form to uni to register the courses I'd like to take, hopefully I could make it.

Company replace the computer monitors finally, after at least with 9 months of constant complaints from all staff. I am using an LG LCD monitor, so far so good, I feel it is more professional and I can read easier. I can straight up my back and try to maintain a good posture to avoid back and shoulder pain, which is awful!!! I like using flat monitor.

I went home by pusing my lunchtime an hour earlier because mum has been kept outside the flat while she went out for garbage. She called me in panic to go home opening the door for her. It was kinda inconvenience indeed as I have to ask "swing dress" 's permission to go home, fortunately she's OK with that and I went home immediately by taxi to open the door for her.

She was sitting outside the door with a desperate look and I used my keys to open the door, things' fixed. We had lunch at home and I returned to office at 130pm.

I logged into the account of the course, there are so many things to read. I am very excited about that. In fact, I kinda prefer a hectic schedule and busy life. It is because these are significants of improvement, moving forward. This busy life is so much different from WPDI.


I want to download the relevant readings, organise them with a nice folder. It is a new start for me, I want to keep it, my personal life more organized.

The badminton course completed last night. Then I went to Karaoke to celebrate a birthday of a colleague.I was kinda tired indeed, however, colleagues haev already reschedule the party over and over again and therefore it seemed cannot be missed.I had quite a lot of fun and went home at 12midniight.

I have a sense of take care of myself, after know the successful application of the course. When he's gone, I have got a sense of taking good care of others too. 施比受更有福, it is one of the virtues that I should attain.

There are looots of things I want to do, driving is one of the goals. However, I might need to do it in next year. Last night was the last lesson of badminton, I want to apply the advance course, I like badminton more and more. Hope that I can make it in register the advance course.
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