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note after the trip

Hello everyone.

I returned to Hong Kong on Thursday morning with my lovely son and husband from Italy, finally.

It was a nice trip, BUT, it could have better, since the weather has made my husband irritating all the times and that made me feeling irritated as well.

Apart from the weather, everything is good! Except that we have damaged our mobile phones during the trip. Yes, it is TWO mobile phones. Maybe the floor of Italy is too hard, our mobile phones just could not handle a single hit and turned dead almost instantly.

We went to repair our phones the same day we returned to HK. We were just arrived at HK in 5am and barely slept for an hour on the flight since it took of in midday. After unpacking the stuff and a quick shower, we were off to Mongkok immediately for our phones.
This is why I was unable to upload any photos during the trip, moreover, I was too tired to write anything after a day of walking in Italy.

I hope that my Italy treasures(photos) can be saved since they are the gems of this trip - lots of snaps of husband and my lovely boy's silly faces and precious memories...

Oh, the first night in Hong Kong after Italy, my lovely boy has became sick and got a fever over 39 celsius degree!!!! I suspected it was from Roma or on the plane. My dear boy, after a trip of energetic adventure, he has to suffer from the cold and got a little bit longer uncomfortable than us, I feel sorry for him.
Dear God, please, please help him get over it as soon as possible. So that he would be normal again and enjoy his every day of life.

Thank you.
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