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l'oreal faux papillon mascara

Good stuff!!

I don’t share beauty stuff in recent years since there are many bloggers doing same things and they did a great job.

However, I told myself I gotta write a post when I saw the dramatic effect of how my short,almost invisible lashes “grow” after using this.

Oh dear, can you see the fan of lashes just right radiated from the root? There is no other volume mascara can have such effect as this one.

You can notice that the brush is specially designed. The round side gives volume of my lashes while the other side goes slightly higher near the stick helps in defining the lashes and lengthens the lash near the end of my eyes.

It just 100% fits for every lash, I don’t worry about not enough mascara on the lashes of the end of my eyes anymore.

With a few swipes, my short lashes stand out instantly as if wearing fake lashes. With a more dramatic effect, I would put a name card on top of my lid and right behind the lashes.

I use the round side to give volume of the lashes and turn to use other side to add lengths and effect of the lashes. I do not worry about putting too much mascara and the mess on the eyelid.

The bottle is also very user friendly. It is not typical with a round bottle but with a flat side. I can easily rest my index finger on it while holding the brush without rolling around.

I have put on ONE coat ONLY and then i have smile with me whole day long. It is oil and water proof. My eyes are quite easy for messing up mascara since the oil secretion. This one gives a good job, a few drops of tears did not mess up my eyes.

It is a good mascara for people who needs volume and lengths of the lash at the same time.

It has to be cleansed with eye makeup remover.
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