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every mum needs help and support

Today I went to Union Hospital Lactation Clinic. I went there for consultation since April? I supposed. I dun quite remember anyway. I went there because I have got a mild 乳腺炎. I remember that I had a mild fever and felt so sick as if I had caught a cold. My breast got so hard and swollen, I was tired. I called MCH immediately the other day, and I was offered an appointment in the afternoon on the same day. I guess my condition was pretty serious.

The doctor saw me and gave me antibiotics as medication. She also helped me to make an appointment with the clinic, since then, my path of breast feeding is getting easier and smoothly.

The nurse named Choi, I called her 蔡姑娘. She is a middle aged woman who is so so so nice, friendly and knowledgable in her field. Time flies for each session. I enjoyed sharing with her of my breast feeding experience.

I am going to have operation very soon and I get so stressed lately with it. Apart from the operation itself, I worry about the breast feeding of my boy when I will away from home. He needs bf in mid nights. I just dunno what to do when he needs me at midnight but I will be unable to take care of him. Hubby will be his "sole mate", I am unsure if he would be able to handle such situations. I had nightmares these couple of days and didn't sleep well.

I have got some relief after the consultation. She gives me practical advice on breastfeeding management during the days while i will be away and emotional support. 蔡姑娘 helps me a lot on my journey of breast feeding. I wonder if I could continue breastfeeding without support and advice of 蔡姑娘.
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