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入院 9

hello bb,

This is the nineth day and here you are, my angel, welcome on board :)

Do you know the first time i saw you, i felt a bit awkward at that magical moment? cuz you are so brand new to me :) I didn't know your face. How you look is always beyond my imagination. When nurse told me you are my baby, it took me a few seconds to recognize that such tiny little thing is my son. My little boy! My dear little boy who stayed in my tummy for nearly nine months has now become a real little human being and living on earth from now!

The nurse reported a few things of you to me and soon, returned to my surgery bed and hold you near me. When your forehead touched mine, i could feel how tender, soft and warm of your skin.You look so red.You neither scream nor yell but sleep tight in the hands of nurse. I was wondering if you are going to be a good boy. I saw your face scrumbled a bit the moment we touched, and I said "hello" to you. Did you know that I am your mum? Just when i started to realize you are my son, my precious little thing, the nurse had to take you away from me since I was lying on the bed for surgery.

I was undertaken a surgery by cutting my tummy to get you out. In order to see you, I need to accept this, even though I do not want to. When i saw you, all such reluctance, anxiety and worries gone in a split second. I know that millions of dollars cannot take you away from me. You are my germ, my love. I fall in love with you instantly.
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