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Lunch@Pokka Cafe

3 of us
We have been to Pokka Cafe at New Century Plaza for lunch. We had a great time.

Joey Amy chit chat
While me and Joey's bf tested the camera, Joey and Amy talked a lot and strike a pose! "professionally".

This one looks more professional! 人逢喜事精神爽!有d表情本人同J做左多年朋友都未見過!OOOOOO!!!

Amy is shy away

Joey amy chit chat again

I had lunch today with Amy, Joey and her fiance at Pokka Cafe. I didn't expect that we have so much fun. I still remember the joy we had when I was on the way back to the office. I can't help not smiling when I looked at the pictures in the elevator. Then I noticed that some of the people seems wanna have a peek of my camera too! Hahhahahaa

We have casual talks about different work situation. I told them about mine and they shared their experience. I feel much more comfortable and joyful with such kind of conversation. It is because we speak what we think, no pretentious act, no twist mind, no smart-ass. The food were nice and I forget to take a few snaps because I was too busy to eat, to talk and listen.

I had a great good time, the environment and our conversation makes me forget the stress, the rumours and politics of the work. Joey and Amy are secondary-school classmates of mine, and I knew Amy since, maybe 7 or 8? I still remember her "soft legs" and soft waist". hahahah, Her legs and waist seems able to bend everywhere as if no bones at all ,hahahaha!!!!

It is life, it is friends. I treasure the moments with you ^^ I didn't forget to take pics of you (thankfully it's Amy's idea that to have a gathering for the sake of taking pictures! Welldone!! These will remind me that you guys are jewels of mine!
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