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Long time no see


It's been such a long time to update my blog. Since internet almost dead because of earthquake plus the hoilidays...I hardly move myself sit in front of the computer to do anything.

I didn't have any plans for holidays. I was so busy lately, with work, of course. I was too lazy to find some time to think about the holidays at all. At Christmas Eve, I went to see ballet show, The Nutcracker with Dick. It was nice. The music , Tchaikovsky, the girls, the props are all beautiful. I like the dresses most, not the dancing ones, but those very long and big prom dress!

I would like to find some pics for you, however, it is too slow to get one, go to their website if you are interested.

Hong Kong ballet, the Nutcracker

At Christmas Day, me and J and S were supposed to meet up. Yet we had other plans instead of gathering. I stayed at home entire day to tidy up my room. I have moved ALL CDs to the living room as Dad has made a shelf for them quite some time ago. Then I put the books into the CD shelves, and the place for books are replaced by the winter clothes now.

It's been such a long time to "redecorate" my room...It seems that I have lost connection with myself, the longer I live, the less I know myself. It is really such a shame. What's so difficult to connect with myself, to get knowing myself? After the minimal arrangement, i am happy with it and looking for another bigger scale of "decoration".

After X'mas holidays, I put all my energy into work to do the website. It was crazy, people, articles, I need to pay careful attention at the wordings including contents on the website and emails of reporting stuff.

Here comes the new year holidays, it seems very short when compared to X'mas and therefore I have asked sick leave yesterday, it is really tiring and I want to have some rest. Boss just want you work more, push you work harder, they will never give you a break.

I had headache lately, not only once, but comes like 3 or 4 times a week...I don;t have haedache very often, I found so weird with constant heahaches and I wanna check what's happened. Colleagues says it might be due to stress. Maybe, however I used to have no headaches even extremely under stress.

Last but not least, I have found another restaurant, cheap but good taste. 主打是米線+麻辣。最重要是夠平!如果下午茶時間,即1400-1800,order一餸米線仲送豆漿一杯,同埋雞奕兩件。味道你可以選擇麻辣或香草。



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