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Conversations with God

I was a big fan of "Self-help" books. Before "Tuesdays with Morris" and "5 people you met in heaven", i have read the series of it. The message, the impact was really strong that I couldn't leave the bookstore without one of them.

It comes with 3 books. First of all is about personal life, it covers a lot of issues, life questions and answers, that I always looking for. The second one i forgot, should be something about community, such as moral issues of modern society. The final one is about world issues such as the conflicts of different religions, and the tragic 911 incident has not happened yet.

Now you can read this book in Chinese and you may not read this since it seems...out-dated liked one of the books, "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". Yet, a movie of the author is made until now!!! I do not know the story happened on the him is true or not...I just can't believe there will be a movie about him, about an author who wrote a book like this. The movie seems boring but I guess i will take a look anyway if it is shown in HK.

Let's take a look of the movie trailer and here is its official website.

**Even Andy Lau recommend this book. hhaa, weird enough.
*My eyeballs got swollen again!!! Damn! A lot of 微絲血管...the eyeglasses guy told me to wear glasses at least for ONE MONTH for recovery....geees...i really want to wear contact lens...
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