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Clues of my shoulder pain

Apart from wrong sitting position, i wonder it might be the one of the reasons as well:

What he found is that these people had chronic tension and spasm of the muscles of the neck, back, shoulder, or buttocks. He says that when a muscle is chronically tensed, the blood can't flow through it, there is a relative lack of oxygen, and that this causes severe pain. You can also imagine a tensed muscle clamping down on a nerve giving symptoms of sciatica (坐骨神經痛).


Then Sarno asked the question, "Why would someone have chronically tensed muscles to begin with?" His explanation is as follows. He says that many of us grow up in families and learn, at a certain (unconscious) level, that it’s not okay to feel or express our anger or anxiety.

The problem of course is that when we grow up, we have specific events or traumas that elicit anger or anxiety. As these emotions start to come up in our body, our unconscious mind basically says, "It's not okay or safe to be feeling these things." Then, Sarno says, the unconscious mind will cause the muscles to clamp down and tighten to cause a pain to take our minds off of what we are angry or anxious about. Sometimes this pain/ process can last decades.


In the second lecture he'd tell them, "When you have pain, I want you to notice what you're angry or anxious about." Sarno then describes how he'd have folks write in a journal, or enroll in group therapy sessions, or engage in psychotherapy. He says that about 20% of his patients weren't consciously aware of what they were angry or anxious about, and needed to work with a therapist to get in touch with some repressed or unconscious material.

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Read here with the case of resolving back pain.
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