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Miss you all ^3^

Apart from the unhappy things, there are still happiness going all around.

I had lunch today with Gabriel and Bernie, Bernie is really nice though we didnt talk to each other very often, we went to 玉桃軒 and he buy us a lunch today as farewell, so
kind of you^^.  Thanks Bernie !



On our way back to office, there's a dragonfly stopped by at the back of Bernie!!! It was really...scary, i mean the Dragonfly!..mmmm...12

Bernie has said sthg reminds me sense of humour is a MUST-HAVE for survival. One day Ivan(our meanest head coach) yelled at office because his print out didnt come out of the printer right after he press the "print" button. He yelled at one of our staff and complaint that she has used the computer for too long. The fact is she printed for Bernie, Bernie then said,

"How many are you printing? 44 or 144?"

U R Well done! 

This is my other colleague named Gabriel. I remember the first day I called her Gabrielle.I thought someone else has written her wrong since Gabriel is a guy name! She keeps such short-hair style since the first day I met her and she always making jokes with her sexuality207 !!!
HAhaha, of course not, she's 280% straight!
Hahah, this is FaiGai肥雞. He is the 414of everyone as people have lots of laughs411 when he is around. He is smart and 口甜舌滑, everyone loves him.
Haha, here comes Andy! Our hot, popular CM model Andy! Andy
He is in Sevens Squad last and this year. He is funny and always act like a kid. He would point the laser point at you from a very remote place in the office.403 He and Faigai and other 2 guys are very friendly and close buddies439439. It is really a pleasure415 to have them fooling around, a lot of fun and laughs


I will miss you all! 419

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