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Info Day

After numerous calls and long hours work, it was a success event of last saturday.Our office has organised the first ever bachelor degree programme and therefore much effort and $ are used for publicity, such as this jungle-like backdrop.

VIPs from the President Office and departments are shown up for the mini opening ceremony. the fat short guy was dean of the office, now he's promoted to vice president. Big sis at my office is friend of him and was invited to take care of the office...

Haven't been liked this for a loooong time. it was liked a teenage idol concert.

It was liked a festival. Everyone has prepared a lot of stuff for the event. I have never seen this at any other uni at all.

It was a long day.

Eventually, it is finished. =)
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My office

This is how my office look, at the first week. Things change a bit for now, show you later.

Looking out of the window, it is a military camp.

And my old school

Got a box of chess accidentally, I have put them on top of my monitor! I can't believe Family Planning Assoication would have such an idea for sex education.

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before the event

last weekend, It was Info Day for students. Students who are going to take public examination for a seat studying uni. Departments and schools worked so hard promoting themselves, including us.

We had a theme as tropical jungle and therefore we need to prepare props for the events. First of all, we need to prepare some torch:

Followed by the banner:

Colleague J worked so hard on cutting out the letters on a foam board.

As told by our managers, they requested us to bring along our clothes for student helpers in case they do not have appropirate clothing...Why?

the night before the event. People occpuied every single corner of the campus. It was nearly 9pm already indeed...

Poor colleague C. Since J is kinda appearance-awared, he leaves all works need physical strength. Poor C is the youngest amongst us and he accepted the challenges without a word...

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the first few weeks

Last three weeks was so busy, I can hardly update and using computer doing stuff other work (monitored). Finally, finally I have a day with normal working hours.

I came in @ 915am this morning(late), without much things to do, safely wait until lunchtime until 230pm (with colleagues).

Then suddenly got a meeting with a weird man over an hour, it was him doing all the talking, I jsut sat and filled in a few words when he stopped. At 6pm, managers left office altogether, and here i am :) Doing things that I used to do, updating my blog.

More photos are saved at my phone, will post them some time later.

The first week was the toughest...I need some treats for distractions, for comfort. The fact is I need something to hold my business cards.

The first day on board, colleagues asked me information for putting on business cards, "Business cards?" I didn't expect to have business cards at the beginning of my job. I felt as if an implication saying "girl, you needa work hard. Here is not a place to mess with..."?・

Got a bit stressed...

I had got a lot of chances to meet new people in the first week already and I am not really prepared to exchange business cards indeed, I have not got these things for a long time, afterall. It was a little bit embarassed when people asking for my card and I rushed to my desk to get them...

In order to show my decency, I need something presentable to put my cards and keep them tidy, then I get this.

The upper one supposed to hold my cards but it is my mini wallet now・
The bottom left is for staff pass and business card. Staff pass is the ulmost important here as if a ticket to get through departments and campus. You get nowhere without this one. I keep my cards here cuz I wear this all the time...

The bottom right is a gift of above, nice, don't you think?undefined
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Mixed Signals

You likely see yourself very differently from the way others see you. A little self-awareness can prevent a lot of misunderstanding.
By Sam Gosling, published on September 01, 2009 - last reviewed on September 02, 2009

"I'll be there at 2 p.m. sharp," Kirsten assures me as we set up our next research meeting. I make note of it in my calendar—but I put it down as 3 p.m. It's not that Kirsten is trying to fool me; she's just deluded about her time-management skills. After a long history of meetings to which she shows up an hour late, I've realized I have to make allowances for her self-blinding optimism. I don't have unique insight—any of her friends would make the same prediction. In the domain of punctuality, others know Kirsten better than she knows herself.

The difference between how you see yourself and how others see you is not just a matter of egocentrism. Like Kirsten, we all have blind spots. We change our self-conception when we see ourselves through others' eyes. Part of the discrepancy arises because the outsider's perspective affords information you yourself miss—like the fact that it looks like you're scowling when you're listening, or that you talk over other people.

How well we understand ourselves has a profound impact on our ability to navigate the social realm. In some areas, we know ourselves better than others do. But in other areas, we're so biased by our need to see ourselves in a good light that we become strangers to ourselves. By soliciting feedback from other people, we can learn more about ourselves and how we're coming off. Only by understanding how we're seen can we make sure we're sending the right signals. To be understood by others, in other words, the first step is understanding ourselves.

There Is No Perfect Point of View
How do you cut through the fog and learn to see yourself—and others—clearly? Different perspectives provide different information on the self. To bring some order to all the things that can be known about you, it helps to divide them into four categories.

First, there are "bright spots"—things known by both you and others, like the fact that you're politically conservative or talkative. Studies show that traits like extroversion, talkativeness, and dominance are easily observable both to the self and to others. If everyone thinks you're a chatterbox, you probably are.

Second are "dark spots"—things known by neither you nor others. These could include deep unconscious motives that drive your behaviors, like the fact that your relentless ambition is driven by the need to prove wrong your parents' assumption that you'd never amount to much. T hird are "personal spots"—things known only by you, like your tendency to get anxious in crowds or your contempt for your coworkers. And finally, there are "blind spots"—things known only by others, which can include such factors as your level of hostility and defensiveness, your attractiveness, and your intelligence.

The most interesting are the latter two—personal spots and blind spots—since they involve discrepancies between how we see ourselves and how others see us.

Why You're Less Transparent Than You Think
We're not entirely deluded about ourselves. We have pretty unrestricted access, for instance, to what we like and believe; if you think you're in favor of tighter regulation for car emissions or that Bon Iver is your favorite band right now, who am I to argue? Even if you don't know the mysterious unconscious motives underlying what you like and do, you're still the best source of information about your attitudes, beliefs, and preferences.

We often think others are aware of our anxiety or our darkest feelings, but research shows they're actually poor judges of our emotions, intentions, and thoughts. Thomas Gilovich, a psychologist at Cornell, has found that numerous obstacles and psychological biases stand in the way of knowing how you're seen by others. We overestimate the extent to which our internal states are detectable to others—a bias known as the "illusion of transparency." We also overestimate the extent to which our behavior and appearance are noticed and evaluated by others—a bias known as the "spotlight effect."

We're good at judging our own self-esteem, optimism and pessimism, and anything to do with how we feel. So for instance, others may think you're very calm when in fact you're so anxious in large groups that your palms sweat and your heart rate soars.

Personal spots exist because others know how you behave, but they don't know your intentions or feelings, explains Simine Vazire, director of the Personality and Self-Knowledge Lab at Washington University. "If you're quiet at a party, people don't know if it's because you're arrogant and you think you're better than everyone else or because you're shy and don't know how to talk to people," she says. "But you know, because you know your thoughts and feelings. So things like anxiety, optimism and pessimism, your tendency to daydream, and your general level of happiness—what's going on inside of you, rather than things you do—those are things other people have a hard time knowing."

Why Your Intelligence and Attractiveness Elude You
There are a lot of reasons to think you'd be the best judge of you. After all, you've known you longer than anyone else (except, perhaps, your parents). You've spent more time with you than anyone else. You see yourself in all kinds of situations, from solitary reflective moments in your home to dazzling parties surrounded by friends and strangers.

But you're also very biased; you have a vested interest in seeing yourself as decent and competent, and not evil or inept. When it comes to traits that matter to our self-esteem, we tend to have positive delusions—meaning on these dimensions, others see us more accurately than we see ourselves. "Other men's sins are before our eyes," said the Roman philosopher Seneca. "Our own are behind our backs." You rarely get to participate in gossip sessions about yourself, and you have only limited access to how people react to you and what they say.

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Good morning!

working in the morning on Satuday.

Gotta find something to cheer up!

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i have been working late these days, this is only the 2nd week...i m scared that it would be part of my life later on, and this would be my nightmare...

I heard myself asking, " is this what you want?" i was pouring hot water at around 8pm sthg, "No!" i mumbered...working late hours definitely NOT sthg i want...then i dragged myself back to the scripts...

Finally i left office and and heard myself saying, "u've been whining and blaming for a week, do u want to spend the rest of week in complaints?" whining is my habit, i admit here with my friends reading this, it is simply a confession literally and that needs courage. Oh no, it is one of my bad habits which i wanna get rid of for a long time.

I m grateful to realize it that soon(only at the 2nd week) and somehow, feel like it should be a turning point.

What is passion? What is heart? Someone asked me during interview, i told him sticks to the last regardless of any circumstances...i once thought it was a dream job but somehow it seems to be wrong, still, it is me DECIDED to take this. I am a passionate person and i dun need a passionate job, i just need to be passionate about what i m doing, believing that, having faith in Him that He actually put the seeds of blessings in my life, by love what i am doing, blossoms of fortune is coming along :)
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The Proposal

dear my friends,

Watched "the Proposal" last night. Not bad, Bullock stays as funny as she is, such as the joke she made about her boobs, I think only American, especially American women can make jokes like this. But I like her more in Miss Congeniality, she was more funny and approachable in that character. In this movie, impress me most is the house in Alaska which is really big and with great view. Much better than the city-view.

The cold and insentimental woman boss Sandra protrayed in the movie reminds me a lot my colleagues here :P. The so-called "matter-of-fact" attitude of her character really turns me off. Other than that Bher sky high heels and skintight pencil skirt has nothing resemble them in real life! Sandra is lot more sexier than the working women in real life.


I apologise for not updating here very often because of my tight working hours since last week. Moreover, due to my wrecked home PC, I hardly sit in front of it more than 5 minutes. However, I would keep updating here as much as often as I could.

First of all, I would like to share this article with you which is about personal growth. I am sort of subscriber of Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D, who has a website called advancedpersonaltherapy.com

OK, let me cut the crap and start reading at below.

Talk to u soon.


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It's tough at the first few days of my new job. There was an event on Wednesday and they desperately need someone to help them out.

You may not believe I show up at office at 9am SHARP every single day. Some of the times even earlier as 845AM... even myself cannot believe that I can do it. There are only 5 of us in the office. Including me, there are 3 newcomers in the office, the other 2 are our managers.

I am still getting used to the environment and people here, therefore I didn't (couldn't, speak frank) spend much time on Gossip Girls, College Humor, JakeandAmir and upating my blog as I was in old office :( It's liked risking my career to browse on the web for something not relating to the job.
It seems like missing a piece in my daily life! Stepping out of comfort zone is never easy, and I know that all of it is only a baby step.

When I check emails today, I found a piece of article is really useful. Click the link to read them!

get a safer phone

EWG(Environmental Working Group)’s Guide to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure
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RMK Autumn Mystique makeup

As promised, here is the vid I have edited for looooooooooong. Have tried my best, anyway :)


OK, got the gifts and here's comments about the test run.

很高興能夠有這個機會率先試用!要多謝RMK & Beautyexchange.com給我這個機會!ƒn[ƒg It is a priviledge to try new things out!

天化好妝後,馬上拍個照「留念」,好讓我將來參考!我當天試用的是色,而近雙眼皮特別閃亮的是其新出ingenious eyeliner,坦言,本人非常喜歡,原以為很難用,又或者無甚特別,怎料其顏色很特出,質地水水的,十分易塗。而且淺色系列的是充滿了glitters,但又不太誇張,平日上街shopping吃飯,已經很好襯了!

我的gift set內容是這樣,拿到的eye colour是廣告模特兒用的灰藍色。還有出了名的makeup base,102號粉底,新出的ingenious eyeliner及我十分喜歡的雙頭掃ƒn[ƒg

先講粉底啦!RMK 粉底一向出名,以前曾經於炎夏夏買了RMK foundation stick,不但沒有溶妝,反而看上去十分自然!這支小粉底到手後,乍看顏色怎麼像coffee?? 初時還擔心顏色太深了,恐怕變了tan look!不過按化妝師指示,倒出來後就用食指及中指於粉底上向同一方向掃開,顏色竟自動的變得淺了,很自然,再塗上面後,馬上跟自己膚色「結合」了。不好是似乎較快乾,倒上手不消一會,已經乾了,有時還未塗得均勻,便似乎已經變實色了!









有關當天makeup demo拍了的片,現還剪輯中,很快和大家分享。


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I will be leaving HKU after Friday. I am no longer studying or working at Sassoon Road.



一向我都係好少將personal野入喺電腦度,但呢部電腦太正,執相剪片聽歌搵歌轉檔全部都係靠佢,就好似我嘅個人media centre咁。我就連食飯都唔捨得落樓下,一邊睇youtube或者youku,港、台、日、英、美劇都一網打盡,college humor、gossip girls(新season又出左喇!)、project runway、tomorrow、boss...佢帶畀我嘅好處實在太多,數之不盡。

而家我要走喇,我真係好唔捨得。好多野都帶唔到走,例如video converter、photoscape、youtube downloader...就算再搵過個,我都知道唔及你,第一次,總是最甜美的。

而家我個blog就好多野睇,唔知點解我有個預感,好似將來可能會花好少時間喺個blog度!可能因為時間唔夠,又或者technical support不足...總之好驚!寫blog係我最開心嘅時間,我唔想慢慢冇左!

呢一年,喺讀書上學左好多,最令我震撼嘅係death & dying, 同埋spirituality。我覺得自己好幸運,能夠上到呢d咁正嘅堂,接觸到另一角度係點睇樣睇生活、生命。我唔敢講話我唔再混混噩噩,但真係覺得個人唔同左。

睇Elizabeth Kubler-Ross嘅書 (喺HKU Library借架!) The Wheel of Life,佢講返佢成長同行醫生涯遇到的人與事,令我諗返起自己喺呢個塵世度其實係有角色﹖有野要去做﹖有乜野要去fulfil? 諗返起自己營營役役,喺呢度對遇到d 「權貴」人士嘅奇怪咀臉,除左憤怒、睇唔起、無奈,委屈又或者唔上心之外,仲有冇其他方法面對﹖當由一個生命嘅終點回頭望嘅時候,會望到乜野﹖或者係自己想望到d乜野﹖呢個係我成日諗,但又成日都唔記得嘅問題。



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RMK Autumn Mystique makeup workshop






我地一去到,staff會advise我地卸左妝先,然後用佢地畀我地嘅skincare產品。佢有d wipe off嘅cleansing tissues。我自己唔係好喜歡咁樣落妝,因為咁樣始終落得唔乾淨。但係佢地果度係office,所以冇水喉之類沖洗。咁樣覺得唔係咁好,妝都未卸曬,又要放d skincare產品上去,個心有d唔安落。

After cleansing, 先查eye gel.

Followed by 防曬 SPF 31




我用嘅顏色係02。質地比較固態,對我呢d lau gau人黎講,反而更易用,因為唔會周圍流。

查完個base呢,可以用呢隻colour control,佢係有兩隻色01 & 02,(可惜,我忘了拍這個kao04)我用嘅02,亦係在場MUA recommend大家選用。01會比較淺同光亮。

如果閣下皮膚好,絕對可以查完base,再查呢隻colour control + d碎粉已經可以出街。因為佢有少少遮瑕。我成塊面查,查完之後就成塊面光亮左,冇咁暗啞,瑕疵睇落都少d,起碼d點冇咁明顯!


好喇,接住就係遮瑕喇。老師介紹,最上果隻係遮眼圈,中間果隻遮面頰嘅斑點。最理想當然係兩隻色溝黎用。用手指沾d cream狀concealer,查喺另一隻手背上面,直到調出啱你心水嘅顏色。之後用手指(腹)逐點輕輕按喺喺眼肚,及眼睛外圍「C」字位嘅地方。斑點則用幼頭嘅掃逐點塗抹。最後就用闊掃沾上最下的粉,按剛才塗抹concealer的地方輕掃定妝。我唔知係咪我呢盒已經放左好耐,定係其他原因,查上手時覺得好乾,而且喺個盒度嘅concealer亦有d硬硬地,唔知product本身係咁定係其他,原因﹖我自己就較膏合liquid concealer多d。

之後掃上碎粉定妝。隔雜果支掃係灰松鼠毛 + 羊毛混合而製成嘅掃。查上面感覺極輕柔,冇「gut」嘅感覺。



個系列仲連埋gel eyeliner!可以大致咁分嘅,較深色果幾隻呢,絕對適合做eyeline or dark d 嘅smoky效果!另外一d就比較明亮d嘅,好似呢隻色咁,就係我今日選用嘅,基本上當佢glitters咁用都冇問題啦!質地亦較水潤,初初我都擔心佢d色好實,逐少咁點,發現又幾易上色,同埋每次薄薄地咁補上眼皮度,都易用架。

跟住係呢隻mascara,都係我fave之一。最好嘅係佢嘅base都係色的。原以為查上去會一pat pat的,點知睫每根分明,同平時白色果d效果好唔同。我自己幾鍾意咁,因為一jar jar咁,之後再上mascara好煩。再查埋另一邊嘅mascara,就成隻眼outstanding左出黎。見到eyelash好整齊,好咁,又唔會一撮撮,真係好自然。同埋查上去好上色,擦幾野就見到效果。我仲查埋下eyelash,my eyes look really bigger.

Cheek Colour。我選用左橙色,方法係用個掃由最深色掃一野到最淺色。

最後大會要求影大合照,由cheek colour開始已經冇乜時間查喇,在此多謝staff Maggie,因為佢知道我未查lipgloss,又要影相喎,佢好鎮定咁幫我極速查lipgloss,但查得一d都唔馬虎,最後能夠以全妝影返個大合謝。Thanks!

大會給我地一套gift set,試用完後過兩日再放"report"上BeautyExchange.com及自己blog度,大家留意喇。


除左照片,我都有拍左 video,但係就分左好多段,都需要相當嘅時間先處理得到。內容就係老師嘅講課內容喇!有時間我會盡快處理好佢喇。

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hi guys,

Time for luuuuuuuuuunches ‚¤‚Ó!!

I am going to leave here very soon, as soon as one more week to gokao02

First of all, please meet my team first :)

Doreen and Terence

We went to for lunch

For the sake of the egg, T ordered a normal lunch. He thought the egg was really good.

Plus milk T

He enjoyed his lunch a lot

Me and D had pork rice with tomatos and soy sauce respectively.

The so-so yuen yeung


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出獄後將面臨醫委會聆訊 林兆鑫誠信破產隨時釘牌


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We did have a lot of fun...





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OPERA volume control mascara


塗mascara,就得用專門的makeup remover,通常都是眼唇兩用的,不過我用於卸除眼妝較多。通常都是把remover倒在卸妝綿上,然後整塊綿印初眼睛上,待一會後就把眼妝輕輕擦去。說起來似很容易,真正實行起來都得小心,不能太用力的擦掉眼妝,否則易出眼紋ƒ”‚Ÿ[!這是最惱人的地方!即使只塗mascara,也遇到同樣問題,因為你得用眼唇兩用的remover,而且要用棉花棒在lash上慢慢擦,omg!! that's reli tiresome.


OPERA volume control mascara






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stop 別再錯誤保養!





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The man who stare at the goat

初時見到George Clonney,冇乜興趣,原來Ewan McGregor都喺度,一睇!wow,佢真係成個美國仔咁啵!而且呢次打扮算係最正經,最唔扮野喇,反而好好睇!但套戲好低能,"Jedi, we don't fight with the guns, we fight with the mind!" baga!‚Ä‚Ö(correct me if I listen it wrong) That's stupid!但我估會幾好睇!

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事事有時節,天下任何事皆有定時: 生有時,死有時,栽種有時,拔除栽種的亦有時; 殺戮有時,治療有時,拆毀有時,建築有時; 哭有時,笑有時,哀悼有時,舞蹈有時; 拋石有時,堆石有時;擁抱有時,戒避擁抱亦有時; 尋找有時,遺失有時;保存有時,捨棄有時; 撕裂有時,縫綴有時;緘默有時,言談有時, 愛慕有時,憎恨有時;作戰有時,和睦有時。




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