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Doggie who do maths!

It's almost been a week after visiting the pet shop and I am so interested in Jack Russell since then. It is exactly the kind of dog that I found dorable and really want to keep one. Unfortnately, this kind of dog is highly energetic and need to have dog walk at least two times a week! Plenty of trainings will be required, unless you want to have a monster living with you.

An unwell-trained JR will be extremely disastrous and super annoying because he bites and destroys everything you need and love, some has broken the bluetooth ear set, some like tearing off piles after piles of toilet papers...etc. He would bite and scratch the corner of your wall and make your house look like an vintage-ghost hall! The other thing is his smell and poopoo...There are many things I need to considerate before I really adopt or have a new puppy.

Last but not least, if I keep a dog with me, I really want him or her to keep healthy, and therefore exercises are important for their well being, in my opinion. Apart from walk them on the street, a small garden or backyard is might be necessary. I mean, SPACIOUS area is a must for animals, especially these energetic kinds. I knew many people keep their doggies in apartments with no problems at all, but it is only my opinion that an animal should be kept outdoors, to build a doghouse for them. Open space for exercising is necessary. I really don't want to have my dog stay inside a cage...that's the least thing I want to see.

Oh, I miss the JR puppy I saw last week in petshop...I have found a clip about a doggie who knows math, she might doing better than you and me! Click here to see more.

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 Hello all! Weekend is coming! So excited! Yet, I need to go to school this weekend and fortunately, the class will be in afternoon, all I want is more sleep and sleep and sleep...16

Apart from the school, I need to have prepare the testing...oh shit, it is on coming Wednesday!!!!!405 Time flies!!! I feel like there is plenty of time as if there is one more week to go!! I can't believe it come that soon! The lecturer is a smart guy and he warned us in his class that, "乜我唔會肥人架﹖"359 shit! I dont really wnat to do anything this weekend, excpet going out shopping and outdoor activities...

Heard from G that Jimmy has lost his ar choi, I am really sad for him as he loves his pet soooooo much, it liekd part of him...hope that his doggie are doing good in heaven, and so do your kitty, G. I think he's fine in his heaven and jumping up and down to catch butterflies22, maybe he's more happy than we know 408

Weekend is coming, just feeling excited and wanted to write something in quick moment.

Have a nice weekend all! Cheers.207

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Jack Russel

尋晚同G去左勝利道睇KITTIES。我地去到一間叫寵物城既地方,地下果層賣狗狗286,上面果層賣貓貓283。原本係應該陪G睇貓先,但係下面果層見到D狗狗好活潑咁,我就忍唔住行埋去睇喇。其中一隻係jack russell,佢同佢哥哥都係尋日先到貨,係2月19日出世架~即係雙魚座喇410。佢哥哥係上面果欄,佢就訓左係下面果格度。我埋去既時候,佢阿哥懶洋洋咁,成日用眼尾「悄」我,咁寸,我就唔係好想彩佢喇。跟住望一望佢細佬,佢個樣好似發緊夢咁,望一望你,二話不說就想衝過黎喇,點知「啪」一聲,佢圓圓既頭仔就撞左埋塊玻璃度,好彩佢都仲細,力度就唔會好大,應該冇乜事。我企係個玻璃前面勁同佢玩,佢就好似好想出黎咁,成日就想用個身痴落你度,又係咁伸條脷仔出黎啵~~~哎呀~~見佢係咁奶個玻璃邊,都真係有d登佢可憐。完本隔離個sales係度sell緊另一個客,佢地拎左另一隻狗狗出黎係地下玩,我都忍唔住,就叫另一個拎佢出黎畀我睇喇。








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I just learnt that I have two more assignments to go plus 1 presentation and 1 test is waiting for me next week! SHit!

I thought I have finished my other assignments, I just put them aside and will review it all over again in a few minutes tomorrow, I thought I am safe. Then I am told that I have missed some important things in one of the assignment and add more things for other assignment. Gosh...it's liked nightmare, it won;t let you go
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我以為讀呢科會接觸多d counselling,以為讀完之後都會學到一招半式,但到而家發現原來所有野都係靠實踐同自修,學識先有所進步。以前睇既可能係平較通俗一d,例如women from venus, men from mars呢d,睇既時候會著重實用多於一切。但而家睇既,「實用」呢兩個字好似根本係扯唔上,反而係數字,呢個概念有冇理論、數據支持,講左既野要負責任,要認數,冇得吹完水就算。同舊公司既「內容唔緊要,最緊要效果」比起上黎,舊公司呢套令我有點毛骨悚然既感覺,就好似大陸果d假乜假物咁,佢仲要打正旗號「專業心理學」,驚驚講返counselling,真係覺得自己冇進步,因為唔敢做!傾計就可以,但做cousnelling當中實在有好多技巧,仲有好多理論、唔同既treatments方法,仲有唔同既學 說同model,如果能夠把握概念,或者可以做得比較有責任一d,起碼係開左人地個心,識得同人修返。寫到呢度,突然醒起有人話自己入室弟子同埋自己可以做CP,仲要話人(即係我)讀「conseling、讀幾多書都冇用」,哇!真係體現「無知」至係力量,起碼蚱量大到唔怕畀人笑、畀人鬧!

其中一份功課係要講個case,我邊有case!唯有搵d朋友過橋,懶係「分析」下佢當時既情況。一邊寫時,就發現當時自己既無知。因為我一邊寫一邊搵資料,慢慢才了解,或者叫多一個角度了解朋友當時既心路歷程,可能佢經歷左呢d唔開心野,佢最需要既可能係呢d呢d,作為佢朋友既我,冇提供到畀佢。當時都係朋友咁同佢傾計,果時有少少內疚既感覺 ,覺得如果我可以咁體諒佢,唔知佢會唔會好d﹖


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regular update

Hello everyone!

Remember the days I keep my blog updated, it's been awhile from the post I put on Sunday. During the first month of work, I am not really busy at the moment but my studies are running crazy becuase the deadlines and tests and presentation are coming.

Because of this constant stress, I don't really have a good time during this couple of weeks. I could not sleep well, especially and humid weather and the typhoon, it really make people sick.

I am still late for my work :P Fortunately, there is no one checking your punctuality...Besides taht, I can have my interested paper printed extremely easily and freely instead of liked doing creepy things at WPDI. Also there is a medical library right downstairs, very convenient to borrow books.

There is nothing special at the moment,all I want is to finish every assignment then shift my attention back to my work. I can no longer stand in between work and studies anymore. It's liked being torn by two forces, it is really really tiring. When can I have a rest? a real, relaxing, worry-free peaceful rest?
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Run! Fatboy run!

No 3 signal has been hoisted today. There was heavy rain, no place to go but escape to indoor shopping mall for passing the time of the day.

The mall was so cold, it was liked a freezer for porks. I was so cold and I wanted to have something good and warm for my day. I went into H&M to see anything is good, gosh, a lot of goodies, nice shocking pink laces dress, sexy cutting and colourful pattern slip dress, dazzling earrings, chic and cute looking handbags, funky checkers pant...the queue of dressing room was soooo long and my fire for putting the new things on was killed instantly.

It was birthday of sister-in-law yesterday, I hit almost every single make up store for something  nice and girly for her. I spent hours and finally I have got a little gift from Anna Sui , I hope she would love it.

I was happy during my gift hunting as I can have a chance of trying "new" things at the shops, poor D has to stay with me and being dragged into every single stores. Thanks for  your patience and tolerance435, you have been the most wonderful company to me 392.

After the long cosmetic trip, we went to Langham Place for movie. I have seen the trailer before and no doubt, it is a typical, entertaining and very English movie. it's not bad indeed.

The movie is about a man, Dennis, who left his pregnant fiancé and ran away on his wedding day. Although he regret so much about his stupidity and wanted to win her back since then, few years later, his fiancé has met someone else and will get married someday. Dennis determined to join a marathon as an act to win her back.

The story is easy and simple. In the movie, it was said that every runner will hit the "wall" in the middle of marathon, which means reaching the his physical limit where he thought he could run no more, the only thing he can think of is to quit the game. Dennis, who is NEVER able to finish anything in his life did hit the wall, and break it (of course) and finally, he leap his wall and reach the other side of him. People in the cinema seemed touched by the scene. I could hear a few claps during then.424

It is familiar with using marathon as a metaphor for life. However, it did move me when I saw Dennis break his wall, keep running and run to the finish point to get the loves he wants. I am happy for him, for anyone persists to get the thing he or she wants.

I then asked myself, have I ever or could I have such perseverance to get the things I want? How many times I was liked Dennis, that giving up easily, that was so close to it and then just turn away from it then think that I might not good enough to get things I want? I quit because I am afraid, I thought I don't deserve it and probably screw it up then regret when the opportunity is gone...

I know, life is really liked a marathon, there are a lot of things we need in order to get to the finish point. It is a game that compete with myself. In order to get to the end point, I have to know where it is then to decide how can I get there, and finally, just stick to it and keep running......at the end of the day, I think I will know I am on the right track. I am a lousy runner, here and now, I really want to run, not run away.
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Art of Being Healthy

A classmate has sent me an email about living a healthy life.
I am amused when I see the word of "Art" describing living a healthy life. It means we really need to pay attention, take effort to polish the way/style we live. It is not about what brand name bags we use, dresses we have, make ups we wear, restauants we go, places to hang around but something as below:

If you don't want to be ill ...
Speak your feelings.

If you don't want to be ill ...
Make decisions.

If you don't want to be ill ...
Find solutions.

If you don't want to be ill ...
Don't live by appearance.

If you don't want to be ill

If you don't want to be ill

If you don't want to be ill ,
Do not live sad.

If you don't want to be ill ...
Please click here to get the beautiful powerpoint with soothing music and refreshing scenry.
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- 沙士比亞


- 韓非子
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A man who falls in love in incomplete, until he's get married,

then, he's finished.

hahahahahahha, 笑到標眼水,唔記得左邊度出處。
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夫婦溝通 ~ 你準備好了嗎?



1. 你了解你的另一半嗎?


2. 你欣賞你的另一半嗎?

3. 你有表達你的正面要求嗎?很多時候,在看到對方值得欣賞的地方之前,我們往往會看到不滿的地方。為了免傷和氣,你是不是選擇不作聲,隨它過去便算了。其實彼此要坦誠,才能一起共渡漫長的歲月。故當我們有一些不滿或一些要求時,我們適宜向伴侶提出,容讓大家一同面對。當事情處理後,彼此的了解和默契亦會隨之加深。

4. 你有容讓彼此享受私人空間嗎?


資料提供:香港青年協會家庭生活教育組 (元朗區)
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Flamenco Jazz Performance by Jerez-Texas

Musical lovers will be amazed and delighted by our concluding event for the Spanish Semester, the Flamenco Jazz performance by a Spanish musical group - Jerez-Texas.

Their improvisation originates from jazz, and is a bridge between classical music and flamenco. More information about the group can be found at www.jereztexas.com/.

Do come and enjoy this iconoclastic experience with us on April 24, 2008 at 6:30 pm at Loke Yew Hall, Main Building, HKU.

Admission is free and all are welcome.
Registration can be made online at www.hku.hk/socsc/globalvision/spain/.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends there!

Miss Alice Lai (tel : 2859 1097 / email : lhya@hkucc.hku.hk)

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Get into the J-pop Groove

If you are J-pop fans, this event is for you!
Everyone who attends will receive a special souvenir! (while stocks last)

The School of Modern Languages and Cultures, HKU, in association with four music labels, AVEX Asia, EMI Music Hong Kong, Forward Music and SONYBMG Music Entertainment, is holding an amazing Japanese Music Video Show on campus.

'Get into the J-pop Groove'
Date: April 16, 2008 (Wednesday)
Time: 12:45 – 6:00 pm
Venue: Global Lounge, G/F, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre

YUI, 平井堅, and 宇多田光 are just a few of the many Japanese singers who have become immensely popular with young people in Hong Kong. If you like what you've heard so far and are interested in finding out more about J-pop music and culture, this is your chance.

During the show, the producer of the famous J-pop radio program '是日本人鄭家輝', DJ Cheng Ka Fai, will share the latest J-pop MTVs with you. There will also be a lucky draw and some fun games with prizes – so don’t miss out! Get into the J-pop Groove at the Global Lounge!

And if you have any J-pop questions, Cheung Ka Fai will be happy to share his views with you! Please send your questions to oioi_fion@yahoo.com.hk.

This event is part of Japan Month at HKU 2008. It is coordinated by Fion Lam and Cherry Tung as part of their coursework for JAPN 3014 'Project in Japanese Business'.

Admission is free. All are welcome.
No registration needed.

For enquiries, please contact Lucilla Cheng on 2859 2049 or email luci@hkucc.hku.hk.
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An one-year introductory course on Family Reconstruction


An one-year introductory course for helping professionals who intend to incoroporate Family Reconstruction, part or whole, into their clinical practice.

Unique Features
1. In its being based on the Satir Model, sensitive to local cultural practice, and enhanced by Focusing
2. In providing training opportunity to each participant to be star in a Family Reconstruction, and to be facilitator and member of a facilitating-team in the FRs of other participants
3. In video-recording FR practice sessions, with each star and facilitator receiving a copy of the recording for individual, trio and class learning

What can participants expect from this course?
Under normal circumstances, and given full participation, participants can expect to have through the duration of the course
1. Exposure to the principles and the practice of a Satir-based, Focusing-oriented, and culturally sensitive Family Reconstruction
2. Personal experience in the power and the process of Family Reconstruction, as participant, star, and very likely also as role-player;
3. Acquisition of knowledge and experience as well as qualities and skills for facilitating Family Reconstruction
4. Formation of peer relationships that support continuing personal and professional development

Trainers’ Profiles
Dr. Grace Cheung , PhD, RSW
Dr. Grace Cheung is Hon. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Social Work and Social Administration, HKU; Member of Executive Committee, Center on Behavioral Health, HKU; and Consultant, Resculpt – Center for Personal and Relational Reconstruction. Grace has been marriage
and family therapist for 29 years.

Peter KH Cheung, PhD
Dr. Peter Cheung is Consultant, Resculpt – Center for Personal and Relational Reconstruction; Honorary Research Fellow, Centre on Behavioral Health, HKU, and Advisory Committee Member, Oasis – Center for Personal Growth and Crisis Intervention, Hospital Authority. Peter received formal training in philosophy, theology, and sociology.

Medium of Instruction: Primarily Cantonese

Class Dates ((Sat/9 am – 6 pm)
6, 20 Sept; 4, 5 Oct; 1, 15, 29 Nov; 13 Dec, 2008;
3, 17, 31 Jan; 14, 28 Feb; 14, 28 Mar; 18 Apr; 9, 23 May;
6, 20 Jun, 2009

Contact Grace through her pager 72991953 or call Peter at his Mobile 93638171 or email: enquiry@resculpt.com

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呢度差不多所有staff都是professor呀、doctor呀咁,除左admin同事。講真,以前我真係唔係好care呢d title既野,但人地就好重視,黎到呢度就更深深地體會到呢d title簡直好似係佢地條命咁重要,嗌錯左,佢地真係會介意架!唔知係咪淨係HKU,呢度個個既official language都係英文,平時好好地,但一到presentation,就自動轉左channel用英文,即使在座都係中國人。

日常既對話,雖然唔係用technical terms,但其實對話既context,好多都牽涉到人事關係,d人物多到好似三國誌咁,又Prof. Leung、Prof Cheung,有時又Doctor Au Yeung......總之冇人係mister咯,同埋我分唔到男定女咯!

有次同老細開會,講開做家庭既野,佢講到究竟我地應該集中做邊類家庭呢﹖「我地想講多dnuclear family,定係at-risk family呢﹖...」咦,d terms讀書都冇講過既﹖

我覺得自己就好似一個新鮮人,做野既同學既野完全冇關係!原本覺得有d壓力,因為覺得以前既唔係好幫到自己,唔知點樣可以行好d......倒不如我就當自己新鮮人一樣,將以前學到既、賺到既都放埋一邊,重新pick up呢d新野,就好似小朋友咁,忘記昨天,不想將來,只看今天發生的事。


hku (2)

hku (1)

hku20080414 (2)
hku20080414 (3)


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最美好的一天?    今天
最簡單的事?     犯錯
最大的阻礙?     害怕
最嚴重的錯誤?    自暴自棄
萬惡的根源?     自私
最好的休生活?  工作
最沈重的挫敗?    灰心
最好的老師?     兒童
最優先的需要?    溝通
最令人快樂的事?  幫助別人
人生最大的謎?    死亡
人最大的缺點?    壞脾氣
最低劣的感覺?    怨恨
最貴的禮物?     恕
最不可或缺的?    家庭
最短的捷徑?     直路
最使人愉的感覺? 內心的平安
最幸福的保單?   微笑
最有效的解決之道? 樂觀
最大的滿足?     完成該做的事情
世界上最美麗的?   愛

最大的喜樂之一?擁有真正的朋友--知道有人與你同在,即使他們不一定能幫你解決問題 。






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The rose

Beautiful lyrics and video. touching ;')

Some say love
It is a river

That drowns the tender reed

Some say love
It is a razor

that leaves your soul to bleed.

Some say love
It is a hunger

and endless staking need

I say love
It is a flower

And you
it's only seed

It's the heart
Afraid of breaking

That never
learns to dance

It's the dream
afraid of waking

that never takes the chance

It's the one
who won't be taking

Who cannot seem to give

And the soul
afraid of dying

that never
learns to live.

When the night
has been too lonely
and the road
has been too long

and you think
that love is only
for the lucky
and the strong

Just remember

in the winter

far beneath the bitter snow

lies the seed

that with the sun's love

in the spring

becomes the rose.
就變成 玫瑰
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從MBTI 16性格 認識人生藍圖


(香港職業發展服務處總輔導主任、Qualified MBTI@ Administrator)

簡介:透過源自心理分析大師容格 (Carl Jung) 所發展的性格類型分析理論,經Katharine C. Briggs及Isabel B. Myers改良的MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) 性格類型分析,使參加者藉簡單快捷的評估及介紹各類性格特徵,協助職場人士掌握個人性格潛能,除了拓展個人的職業發展藍圖,化解不必要的人事衝突。


地點:塔冷通心靈書舍(油麻地彌敦道523號禮基大廈一樓) (油麻地地鐵站B1出口)
費用:全免 歡迎捐獻
報名:2782 2027 梁小姐

** 歡迎walk-in 參加 **
認識自己 拓展生命藍圖
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這份工作跟以往的很不同,性質、流程、人脈等等對的來說都是全新的,唯一不變的老細對你的要求。很多東西要摸索和pick up。

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我不想做自己的判官,正如經文說﹕「求 你  恕 我 們 的 罪 過 , 如 同 我 們  恕 別 人 一 樣 」假如每天我都要給自己批判最少一次,又給別人批評幾次,那我如何得到自己的恕,又如何恕別人呢﹖我不想成為小器、斤斤計較的人。

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Cat Power......

What things are the most impressive you think in the movie of My Blueberry Nights? The car that Norah Jones and Natalie Portman drive? The window of the small cafe? The keys left for Jude? The green hat Norah wears? The corner of the street of Norah's aprtment? The casino? The long endless road to Las Vegas? Too many...The most impressive of Wong's movie for me is the music. After listening to it, I just cannot get over it and it keeps humming in my mind.


Cat Power - The Greatest

She is popular now, you might recognise same sadness of music that playing loud in the movie "uno". Mm...it is really beautiful. Wonder if her album sound as good as now?
Cat Power - Sea Of Love (Juno Soundtrack)
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Across the universe......


Hey Jude

All you need is love

Dear Prudence

I want to hold your hand
It's a beautiful voice, isn'ti t? The more I watch and read, the more information I have got for this girl. Her name is TV Carpio who is the daughter of 杜麗莎!Click here for an interview of her some time ago.
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Dear R,

Just had a meeting with Zola about the details of the sitemap, we have to submit the revised one by April 3, 2008.

1)Revised sitemap (please call me for the revised area)
2)Explanation on the major content of the each flow (supporting document of the sitemap)
3)A Table of Regular Web Update: who is the responsible person and the flow of submission


呢幾日天氣唔好,起身時出面落雨落到好大聲,聽到沙啦沙啦的雨聲,真係好想訓多陣呀~~唔覺意又訓耐左......原本都想靜靜地過埋呢幾日,好好安排呢度「身後事」,點知公司真係唔會手軟,驚死你唔知係公司既自我價值有幾咁高,係咁畀野我做,用行動話我知﹕If I can, yes! You can!。

好恐怖呀!放過我啦!一人行一步,大家都好做,d野cher咁盡,唔怪得個個唔係住面,就喊住口走啦!反省下啦!Caring Company!

前兩日係電視睇到《阿飛正傳》,oh!好好睇!Xavier Cugat既音樂又再次係我既speakers出現!好鍾意呀~!
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事事有時節,天下任何事皆有定時: 生有時,死有時,栽種有時,拔除栽種的亦有時; 殺戮有時,治療有時,拆毀有時,建築有時; 哭有時,笑有時,哀悼有時,舞蹈有時; 拋石有時,堆石有時;擁抱有時,戒避擁抱亦有時; 尋找有時,遺失有時;保存有時,捨棄有時; 撕裂有時,縫綴有時;緘默有時,言談有時, 愛慕有時,憎恨有時;作戰有時,和睦有時。




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