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Peacefulness through a Bowl of Tea

The Cultural Realm of The Way of Tea
"Peacefulness through a Bowl of Tea"

talk by Dr Sen Genshitsu
茶道的文化 -- 從一碗茶說 "和"

March 20, 2008 (Thursday) 5:30pm
Rayson Huang Theatre, HKU

5:30pm Talk by Dr Sen Genshitsu
6:45pm Chado Demonstration
7:30pm Japanese Tea Appreciation and Reception

This talk is co-organised by the HKU Foundation & the Department of Japanese Studies, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, in association with the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong. It will be conducted in Japanese with English interpretation.

Dr Sen Genshitsu was the Grand Master of the Urasenke Tradition of Tea from 1964 to 2002, when he transferred the position to his eldest son. The Sen family lineage of tea goes back almost 500 years, to the influential 16th century tea master, Sen Rikyu, who elevated the serving of a bowl of tea into an art form.

As a young man, Dr Sen served in the airforce division of the Japanese navy during World War II, an experience that was to have a profound impact on him and convinced him of the need to promote peace and mutual respect among nations. Over the past 50 years, he has shared the ideals of the Way of Tea – Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquility – with people in over sixty countries around the world. In 2005, he was officially appointed Japan-UN Goodwill Ambassador by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Register now at http://www.hku.hk/daao/teatalk!

HKU Foundation & Department of Japanese Studies
Oh~I wanna join but I dont think I have the time
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MK taichi

Oh dear! I have spent an whole afternoon on finding the template I want. I have planned time for my job, however, there is suddenly a meeting by tomorrow and suddenly I need to brush up the things such as the minutes and prepare the things for the meeting. Schedule has been crashed again...I don't like this very much.

This morning, I went to MK for Taichi class. It's tiring. it's different from those I have learnt. It is because I learn it indoor for this time and I prefer doing exercises outdoors even Taichi. I was supposed to meet Dollis and Leo to have breakfast and finally we gotta meet in the office. I have bought my fave grab'n go with Salmon sandwiches and milktea, my always favourite. it's been such a long time to have Salmon sandwiches and a nice cup of tea. I always dream that I can have a full breakfast with everything includes cereal, or a piece of toast, a cup of milk, orange juices, eggs and ham, and a slice of apple please~~Oh~ isn't it wondeful?

I seldom have a chance to enjoy this since working in NP...

Oh, I have changed a new layout with a couple of dolls, I think it;s warm, do you think so?
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Live every moment as the last

Thank you for a J's contant and diligent reminder. There are many stories happening every day and everywhere with genuine love and emotions, with pain and sufferings, with happiness and sorrow, with determination and decisions, with personal growth and fallings...All of these are not great things happen to great people, neither tragedies happen to poor and helpless. These are only normal lives that surrounding us.

These are precious things that are more worthy to think upon, to consider and keep in the heart when compare to 'active listening". It is because these are new things, acting out of phoniness, out of expectation and no gesture is fooling around.

These are not necessary great big things but with whole heart is enough.

20080225 (1)
Last week I went to MK office for meetings. The busy street is lively. it's so alive!

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Extremely busy this week.
Lots of meetings, lots of minutes needs to be cleared.

Lots of emails are needed to reply and requests...Busy work life is no longer new to Hong Kong people. No limits, no constraints, both work and personal life...Does that mean responsible or irresponsible?

I want to be a responsible person, take care of my work, my life and my soul.

Hi all,

Thanks for Dollis's effort, she has sent me great stuff of enriching our blogs! Do you like the music? Please click the triangle in the box at the top left corner, This music reminds me of flying and relaxing in the sky. I imagine I am standing at the seaside and enjoying sea breeze, I can see a small white wooden house. I am wearing a straw hat, standing besides the wooden house, hearing the chains of wind chimes sings. the colour I see is the blue sky, green-blue sea, sandwhite shells and the beach.

It is a place full of love, secruity and freedom.
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Today I have a marathon meeting day. It started with confusions and end with expectations.

Some speak up for their rights and responsibilites. Some simple make noise and feet contented when she's heard. I doubt, after the meeting, does everyone really know what's going on and believe that what we have "agreed" really take place? I don't really think so.

Is the meeting really for the sake of get things done or only pending?

It is only a small meeting involves a few people, I have no idea why there are always a need of clarifications and confirmations between these few persons...

What is the point of meeting anyway?
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Happy Chinese New Year

Hi all,

This is the first day of work after the Chinese New Year. I bet no one really wants to go to work after the long holidays, especially going to office under such freezing weather.

I am fortunate enough to have one more day of rest with the food of food poisoning at 年初四. I can bearly walk and eat. This is really a good joke from 老天爺 to 開年for me. I should really pay attention to the things that put into my mouth.

During the holidays, I did not go to anywhere but stay at home most of the time. I have almost finished one of my fave TV programmes when I was a kid, 淘氣雙子星。呢套劇我印象好深刻,因為一來李克勤既演出好生鬼,而且成班人吵吵鬧鬧咁好高興。果時我都有憧憬過預科班係咪真係咁既呢﹖

Can you name who's who?



student union

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Happy Chinese New Year~~~~

Happy Chinese New Year~~




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年廿八 洗邋遢








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事事有時節,天下任何事皆有定時: 生有時,死有時,栽種有時,拔除栽種的亦有時; 殺戮有時,治療有時,拆毀有時,建築有時; 哭有時,笑有時,哀悼有時,舞蹈有時; 拋石有時,堆石有時;擁抱有時,戒避擁抱亦有時; 尋找有時,遺失有時;保存有時,捨棄有時; 撕裂有時,縫綴有時;緘默有時,言談有時, 愛慕有時,憎恨有時;作戰有時,和睦有時。




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