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to my dearest friends,

Thank you all for showing support by telling me you keep visiting here and read my stuff :)
Whenever I want to write something and post anything, I will think of you who keeps reading this and will try my best to make things interesting, so that not bored by me ;)

hahaha, I promised a fd earlier that I will make a post of what I bought recently, mainly about clothes. However, there is not too much time after work and don't want to "work" at vacations, my clothes are still being kept in the closet. :P

I havent finished the book, The Paradox of Time. In fact, I have put it aside after flipping a few pages. Then I found this, 靈修導師的幸福8堂課。If you are Catholic, you may find easier to understand. I read this for 靈修purpose, for some of the time. Then I found another book, "Awareness". The word sound so buddha, but I bought it from 公教進行社, so I am quite sure it's OK and helpful in 靈修.

For me, 靈修 is no longer reading bible, or a typical, MUST DO Chrisitian practice. It is one of the ways of connecting with yourself, or connect to God, whatever you named. I have gained a new understanding of spirituality after my Master Programme, since then I seem get addicted into spiritual stuff. I feel like spirituality is something boundless, that it is not merely a Buddha stuff, Christian or Catholic stuff. It is something lied within us deeply. It is liked a treasure, when you find YOUR way to the treasure, that is able to connect with yourself, then you are a profound human being, in new age term, it is "maginified", I supposed.

So, if you find the key, then you would become integrated, you become one, become wholly. It is a treasure that you can take whenever and wherever you want. It is boundless and it is within you. But then I think of what Jesus says, he says He is the way to heaven. I wonder, if the state I describe is "heaven", and if you want to really get there, then you have to know Jesus. That is what I understood at this moment.

I am really, really glad to know all of these. There is joy with me when i get knowing more things about spirituality. The book 靈修導師的幸福8堂課 shares what does Fathers, sisters, and other spiritually strong do, say and write, shed readers glimpse of thoughts of such people. What is Love, what is live, what is work and what is death to them...

Then comes the "Awareness", the writer is more radical. He says awareness is wake up. If you want to wake up, you need to admit that you do not want to wake up...Oh gosh...if you are interested, please visit his website http://www.demello.org/
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Daily bread:

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(以賽亞書四十: 27-31 )

















甚麼是盡忠呢? 我馬上想想自己有多少次沒有盡忠?



不過,盡忠,聽起來我一直都覺得是很笨的一個詞語。在學校裏,上堂抄功課,聊天是很平常的事,沒有人叫你盡忠,盡忠是岳飛的事,而他是不得好死的。對朋友也不需太盡忠,因為你對乙抱怨有時不太認同甲的行為,第二天甲衝來質問你為何對他人說三道四? 對同事、對上司更加不需要盡忠,因為某天上司之上司說要炒人,她說不如炒你。走精面、推說﹕「那不是我的工作範圍」是上班族必學的事,因為你做第一次,就會有第二次、第三次第四次至N次,直至別人認為做不完工作的責任仍是你。



我馬上檢討自己的工作態度,當然,我並不能一朝改掉所有陋習*。我能夠如何於現職盡忠? 由這條問題開始,我思考自己為甚麼來這兒工作? 為甚麼我要選擇這份工作? 為甚麼我選擇這個範疇工作? 讀書,是為了甚麼?


Public Education,這個字漸漸在我腦海浮現出來。

記起了,想當初上一份工接觸到health communications、social marketing,才燃起我在這方面工作的興趣,才接受marketing officer這份工作。因為這個mo是在教育機構裏的醫療教育內。大家還記得,我是從來未做過marketing的。


"Hard work is a prison sentence only if it does not have meaning." Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers一書作者示。我在這兒的工作不算hard,但一直也沒有太多意義。


Eight new job descriptions - Be...

- An apostle Do I feel compelled to share my faith publicly?
- A prophet Do I have the personality to stand up for what is right?
- A teacher Do I have a knack for helping others learn?
- A miracle worker We all do this every day - right?
- A healer Do I have a good sense of humor that can heal spirits?
- A helper I don't have to be in charge, I'm content simply lending a hand.
- An administrator Am I a good organizer who keeps the company going?
- A good communicator Do I listen to others and do they listen to me?

What am I? Who am I? What am I supposed to be? what am I supposed to do?

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Learning, always learning...

How many of you known Elisabeth Kubler Ross? I learnt her name from the lecture of Grief and bereavement. At first, i only know that she has developed a Grief model describing how and waht do we go through the process of emotional expereince when we are in grief.

Last night, I read a chapter of the book from her (mentioned in previous email), the book is about recording the last life of patients, some are children, some are young women and some are elderly.

I saw some of their pictures and imagined what would happen if he/she were my mum? my future husband? My friends? OMG, my tears running out in a second, I wanna hold them back indeed, but I know they are telling me something and I just let them flow.

I asked myself why do the photos make me cry? Is the grief of loss still inside me? OMG, I am too afraid to answer this questions, I feel that I have admitted I have not done my best, I am BAD if I say "yes".

At the same time, I feel so lucky that I was able to have a chance of reading this book, time is really limited in our lifetime. Death and dying is something we need to face eventually, I cannot avoid this issue whenever I want. When I sat there and allowing myself to feel the pain, to feel the sadness, I was thrilled cuz I found I have a lot of love :')

My mother loves me so much and would suffer for me if she sees me in pain. My future husband cares about me more than himself. My friends has their faith in me and would help me if I need help. My brother is so nice that he takes care of his life literally, he doesn't need my attention for growth. Because of this, i bursted in tears, God treated me really good, He has put a lot of angels in my life. I FEEL the grace and the love. I covered myself under the blankets and thank God, He has given me a lot, I did not accept it but always whining that I have not enough!!!! The fact is I just took them for granted. What a shame!

Then a strength from nowhere suddenly come inside of me, it makes me feel strong and stnad up for myself (literally). I know that I could not whine and blame for more, for the sake of love and care from those love me, I will take a good care of myself, and I need to take care of them as well. For the people makes me uncomfortable, they are not my concerns anymore, suddenly, they become very light(輕) and fade away from me.
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Ave Maria



---〈摘錄自若望邁恩神父 (John Main OSB)「第一篇書信:1977年12月10日 — 心靈的書信」“Letter One: December 10, 1977”LETTERS FROM THE HEART〉

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I need to admit that it is my first time to watch Mother Teresa talking, ‚¦H:

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Spirituality in Early Christianity

Lately, I am so immersed in the subject of "Spirituality". However, sometimes I also doubt myself that if I am going in a wrong way where lead me to ...jumee™Feel Depressed4

I believe no matter what religion you have, they might share a common ground indeed. The pathway is named "Spirituality". Whether you are Buddist, Christian or Catholic, I believe deep in our heart, the place/space where we found peace and joy, it should be the point where we meet God.

It is my speculation only. There are a lot of materials about meditation, how to unite with yourself on the internet and most of them seems to be in buddhism. It cannot satisfy me. Then I found this clip, I 'd like to share here if anyone want to have a discussion on this\ƒÖ\. However, he is a priest from Eastern Orthodoxy (東正教). Not exactly reflect the same thing as Catholic. But I am still happy to learn more from different perspectives

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信仰生活互動坊、塔冷通心靈書舍 主辦

Home Coming



日期:2009年8月8日 (週六)
地點:聖保祿樂靜院 (上水金錢村地段92號)
費用:每人$300 (塔冷通會員 $285)(包括午膳)

查詢﹕2782 2027 梁小姐

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啱啱睇完蘭登博士點樣化險為夷,帶領觀眾反轉羅馬,去曬d特別嘅天主教聖堂,仲成日影住個幾計若真嘅聖彼堡,一大班群眾聚集 (當然唔係真啦!人地都唔批佢喺凡帝岡拍野!)。令我都好好奇,係咪真係咁靚﹖






搵到個wesbite,入面有好多好正嘅問題,都係我呢d yaya wu嘅平信徒有興趣嘅提問﹕


崇拜、宣道、團契的平衡 乜原來有個咁嘅圖可以咁解法,好正啵kao03






連基督教也不承認的摩門教 哇!摩門教都講埋!kao05




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I need hope & strength

So happy to find fds who know Catholic songs from secondary schools, such as "God is spirit in my heart", and "Thank you" and "Love is dwelling in my heart"etc. It is hard to find Catholic songs online. Even so, it is something humming or in Gregorian Chants. Those we can realy sing are in Christian version only though it doesn't bother me anyway.

But then found some in youtube. For friends who are Catholic or interested in Catholic or anything NOT! hahaha ^^


比較似pop song嘅一首

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事事有時節,天下任何事皆有定時: 生有時,死有時,栽種有時,拔除栽種的亦有時; 殺戮有時,治療有時,拆毀有時,建築有時; 哭有時,笑有時,哀悼有時,舞蹈有時; 拋石有時,堆石有時;擁抱有時,戒避擁抱亦有時; 尋找有時,遺失有時;保存有時,捨棄有時; 撕裂有時,縫綴有時;緘默有時,言談有時, 愛慕有時,憎恨有時;作戰有時,和睦有時。




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