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God, where are you?

Dear God,

I know u r amazing and awesome. Sometimes I really want to look for you but not quite sure how to reach you.

In this summer, thank you for your abundance and let our family to visit Italy. I went to Vatican and had a slim hope that I might find you there. But you were not there.

I look for you during a mass, however you seem not to be there.

And then I imagine what if I look up to the sky and were sitting in the spacecraft looking back to the earth, will I able to find you?

No, I don't think so.

So, where are you?

Sometimes I really want to talk to someone who knows me so well, understand everything of me that I do not have to explain, that he already knows what it is just by a sigh of me. This must be you, oh Lord. You made me and understand me very well, you know my future and I do believe you have already seen her and talked to her...but I don't care, sometimes, I just want you to be here, by now.

Dear Lord, my God, where can I find you? Can I stay with you all the times? As if a friend who stand by me all the times? I know where I can turn to when I have troubles or anything upset me? Dear God, you know me, I don't want to be alone, I want someone, or a friend who will stay by my side all the times.

You hear my cries and saw my tears when the Snowman dies. You know how sad and lost I was when the travel bus was leaving my brothers. You know that I coud not stay but also did not want to leave. You know how I missed them at that times.

Dear God, where are you? You know I am lonely, this certain part of me feels small, wanted to be understood all the times?

Thanks for listening.

Thank you.
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note after the trip

Hello everyone.

I returned to Hong Kong on Thursday morning with my lovely son and husband from Italy, finally.

It was a nice trip, BUT, it could have better, since the weather has made my husband irritating all the times and that made me feeling irritated as well.

Apart from the weather, everything is good! Except that we have damaged our mobile phones during the trip. Yes, it is TWO mobile phones. Maybe the floor of Italy is too hard, our mobile phones just could not handle a single hit and turned dead almost instantly.

We went to repair our phones the same day we returned to HK. We were just arrived at HK in 5am and barely slept for an hour on the flight since it took of in midday. After unpacking the stuff and a quick shower, we were off to Mongkok immediately for our phones.
This is why I was unable to upload any photos during the trip, moreover, I was too tired to write anything after a day of walking in Italy.

I hope that my Italy treasures(photos) can be saved since they are the gems of this trip - lots of snaps of husband and my lovely boy's silly faces and precious memories...

Oh, the first night in Hong Kong after Italy, my lovely boy has became sick and got a fever over 39 celsius degree!!!! I suspected it was from Roma or on the plane. My dear boy, after a trip of energetic adventure, he has to suffer from the cold and got a little bit longer uncomfortable than us, I feel sorry for him.
Dear God, please, please help him get over it as soon as possible. So that he would be normal again and enjoy his every day of life.

Thank you.
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New blog

Dear all,

Just said, I am considering to have a new blog as many things happened in my life, it seems really hard to organise things with the current blog. 

These two have different limitations, let me know which one you like :))


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Typhoon is coming...

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wanna swim...



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我大大聲話: 打尖喎!

佢頭也不回,兩手向外攤開,好似同我講: who cares! 就繼續前行。我覺得有d嬲,咩人咁無賴,為小便宜做埋d咁核突既事?


我唔知佢係咪傻既,但正常人就唔會明目張膽咁做埋呢d cheap野……唉,冇錢,就住唔到好區,唔係好區,就冇好鄰居。唔好話我勢利、現實,日日推住bb車,然後畀人明恰。使用公共設施要隨時有get set go既準備狀態,心理質素差d都會抑鬱。
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I am having fun :))

♡(^ε^ )♡
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new blog?

Hi guys,

I may move the below for future updates. Have not decided yet.


I would update both at the same time. Let me know if u like it :)

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耶穌! 我的主,感謝主!




基督教是不相信聖母的,甚至認為我們拜聖母。至於為何聖母於天主教佔這樣重要的位置,我卻不懂得跟有興趣的基督徒解釋。而且我自己都對此疑惑。既然聖母如此重要,為什麼聖經卻對這位人物如此輕描淡寫? 甚至對她升天隻字不提呢? 我搞不懂。不過修女都未能夠解答我的疑問,卻推介我有關天主教要理的書,當然我有帶回家參詳。



" 聖保祿曾給信德下定義:「信德是所希望之事的擔保,是未見之事的確證」。「信」的價值在於未見而認同,不明而接受。"

噢賣噶! 我這小信的人呀!全球幾十億的人都頌念著玫瑰經,每天都有人敬禮聖母,我還懷疑著她的存在和重要性……

感謝天主的提醒與教導! 天主、耶穌與聖母時時刻刻都存在,與我們一起共同經歷在世經驗。不是靠是否能感受或感應,而是憑一份信心,總之知道,相信他們在我們身邊就是了。

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我覺得我同我先生,好似開始有d 距離。









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事事有時節,天下任何事皆有定時: 生有時,死有時,栽種有時,拔除栽種的亦有時; 殺戮有時,治療有時,拆毀有時,建築有時; 哭有時,笑有時,哀悼有時,舞蹈有時; 拋石有時,堆石有時;擁抱有時,戒避擁抱亦有時; 尋找有時,遺失有時;保存有時,捨棄有時; 撕裂有時,縫綴有時;緘默有時,言談有時, 愛慕有時,憎恨有時;作戰有時,和睦有時。




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